Mental Health Counseling via encrypted chat or email

First a discussion regarding the law.

I am licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide mental health counseling services in this state. Unfortunately I can only accept clients who live in Pennsylvania because if I provide counseling services to people in other states, for example Ohio, I am violating the Ohio law because I do not have an active counseling license in that state.

As your therapist I strive to develop a trusting relationship with you, my client. Just as in my face-to-face counseling practice, I can assure you that I will keep your information as private as possible. There are limitations, however, especially with working online. Hacks do occur on the internet. I have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that my website is safe and secure. This website’s chat and email are encrypted, which means that when you and I are in a one-on-one counseling session, no one else can enter that part of the website.

I utilize both encrypted chat and email, with any information stored on a secure server. The email secure server I employ is HIPAA compliant, which ensures that your information is as safe and secure as possible.

You have the options of saving our session yourself by printing or cutting and pasting, I will save the session in an encrypted setting so I can review it for your next session.

New Clients

The therapists at Counseling and Trauma Services LLC are very experienced in assisting clients who are having general mental health challenges. These can include feelings of depression and anxiety, relationship issues, attachment issues with family members or major mental illnesses.

All of us specialize in helping clients who have experienced some sort of mental health trauma. Examples can include physical, emotional or sexual abuse, exposure to domestic abuse and / or violence, natural or manmade disasters including accidents, bullying, war, medical traumas and any other times in which someone feels hopeless and helpless to cope with a bad situation. We also have experience working with military veterans, first responders and others who assist in disaster response.

The therapists at Counseling and Trauma Services LLC are all specially trained to assist with clients who have experienced trauma. We use various types of therapy but most of us are trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.) Check out this website to find out more information about EMDR, Click Here. This therapy is over 20 years old and has been proven by numerous research studies to be effective in assisting clients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other similar issues. We have had clients come in with:

  • Intrusive memories including flashbacks and nightmares.
  • Avoidance issues including the inability to remember parts of the event or even parts of their childhood, negative beliefs about oneself and inability to experience positive emotions (alexithymia).
  • Changes in arousal including anger outbursts, hyperstartle, hypervigilance, problems with concentration and sleep disturbances including difficulty falling asleep, interrupted sleep and early morning awakening.

We assist clients in changing their ongoing pattern of reacting to stressors from the past and in the present to being proactive and directing their lives to accomplish their life goals. This can be a lot of work for both the clients and therapist however we have seen people get better and heal.